Production Process

EGGS Eggs deposited in freshwater sites until hatching into a fry, a stage in which the fish still carries the yolk in order to feed. After one month it loses the yolk and enters the fry stage.

FRY The fry at 8-10 grams starts to feed on its own.

SMOLT This stage begins with the fry stage and it lasts until it adapts to the seawater at a weight of approximately 120 grams. 4 months total in freshwater.

ADULT SALMON The smolt are transferred from the freshwater sites to the sea for the main growth stage, from 120 grams to between 3.5 to 4.5 kg. 8 to 10 months in total.

PROCESS The salmon from the harvest is brought to the Processing Plant in Puerto Montt after slaughter, where it is processed into a variety of different cuts and packaged for sale.